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1 = Yikes… not at all.
4 = Hmm… somewhat.
7 = To some degree.
10 = I’ve nailed this.

I. Body Confidence

1. I fit perfectly in my favorite clothes and feel comfortable wearing what I want.

2. I feel fit, confident about my body and comfortable being "seen" online or in public settings.

3. I love my body and how I look in the mirror.

4. I enjoy being out with friends, clients or co-workers because I feel comfortable in my skin.

5. I am healthy, energized and admired by the people around me.

II. Nutrition

1. I typically eat at least 4 times a day and do not overeat or get overly full.

2. It is easy for me to control my portions, even at my favorite restaurants or at an event.

3. I know which foods fuel my body best and make me feel most energized.

4. I never skip meals, even if I feel too busy.

5. I eat mindfully, without distractions - not in front of TV or Computer or while driving.

III. Exercise

1. I exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 or more times a week.

2. I know which exercises increase my energy and the tone in my body.

3. I feel good and energized after my workouts without the need to take a nap.

4. I always prioritize my workouts, even when I feel busy or overwhelmed.

5. I believe exercise is fun and I look forward to fitting it in my schedule.

IV. Personal Practices

1. I regularly sleep 7 hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed.

2. I have a daily routine that helps keeps my stress levels low and under control.

3. I have strategies for managing my inner critic when I'm feeling discouraged of frustrated.

4. I enjoy a healthy work / life balance and regularly take time to enjoy life.

5. I enjoy life and have a circle of friends I connect with regularly.

V. Motivation

1. I have identified my "big why" that motivates me to stay committed.

2. I see how my personal health impacts my career, finances and relationships.

3. I have a specific imagine of how I want to look and feel that inspires me to stay on track.

4. I have a coach/guide that helps to keep me focused, committed and on track.

5. I know what may stop me from staying committed and have a plan to keep moving.

VI. Your Commitment Level (1 = not at all committed, 10 = highly committed!)

1. I am ready to excited and ready to create a powerful shift in my health and energy levels.

2. I am open to investing in getting the support and guidance I need to make these life-changing shifts.

3. I highly value the offer of a complimentary consultation and, if eligible, will book one soon.

VII. Financial Commitment Level (1= not at all committed, 10 = highly committed)

1. I am excited to get to know Kristen's Energizing Plans better and would love to learn more about her Live 'Energize and Optimize' Virtual Retreat for $97.

2. I know I need personalized help and am willing and able to invest in my health with a coach I TRUST for $500 - $1000 a month (For minimum of 3-6 months)

3. If I find a program I trust and know will help me, I am willing and able to invest $1000 - $1500 a month in my energy & health (For a minimum of 3-6 months)

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